The burning of one's church

Churches have been burning everywhere

For various reasons since their creation

Some made of wood and stone

Most of beliefs and hopes

Each time the fire takes everything on its path

Leaving behind either ashes and water, or delusion and despair

In equal parts

Each time the scorching heat inside the soul



Now the cathedral is on fire

People congregate from all over

An inorderly procession of 

Ashen faces and teary eyes

Believers (whatever their beliefs) not

Believing what is clearly there to see


I suppose this is what you call

A faithful night


Now the cathedral is coming down

The defeated spire with its tilted head

No longer yearns for the promised sky

The roof gone, you can see

Amidst the rain of sparks and debris

The frightful immensity of the waiting night


How do you even start to rebuild

On collapsed foundations

A sacred place in the mind to house

The most intimate silent conversations

With oneself


I am like you

Standing on the steps of a burning church

Wondering where next to go

◄ The possibility of a garden

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Wed 17th Apr 2019 20:05

Thank you for taking the time to read and share these kind thoughts.

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keith jeffries

Wed 17th Apr 2019 20:02


A poem full of sadness, no doubt borne out of the recent fire at Notre Dame. Life has a cyclical aspect which deals with death and re birth. Spring is the season of new life, of birth and then with autumn we face death as winter enfolds us. Churches were bombed during the last world war then later rebuilt. The process is ongoing. Notre Dame will be brought back to life. You write, " Now the Cathedral is coming down. The defeated spire with its titlted head". Churches were built to celebrate the resurrection and as Christ´s head was tilted on the cross following his death he too came back to new life.

There is no need to wonder where to go next.
Thank you for this heartfelt poem

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