Poet and the Psychologist

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Poet and the Psychologist


In my real life I gravitate to women

Why this is so, I don't know

But the person I converse in my head with

Is a male, why is that? I don't know


There seems to be some psychological reason

Underpinning this action of mine

Why is this voice in my head

Not a female, but male every time?


I know that I'm not a psychologist

My male real-life friends they are few

So am I trying to create one of my own

To converse with and also relate to?


You could indeed be on the right track here

You've gendered me male all the way

You've given me a voice to talk to you

Now are you willing to heed what I say?


Don Matthews March 2019


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Mon 6th May 2019 01:47


I enjoyed this very much. I love how you are not necessarily questioning yourself, but you seem to be trying to make sense of aspects of yourself. There's a difference - if that makes sense to you as it does to me. Very thoughtful words and an interesting perspective. I enjoy a poem of challenging thoughts. Thank you.


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Don Matthews

Mon 15th Apr 2019 23:29

This is an interesting conversation. Having thought about it more I treat my inner voice as an 'advisor' and the majority of advisors in my life have been males. mmm....

<Deleted User> (21487)

Mon 15th Apr 2019 20:56


I quite like the person in my head and she is very much a female, we get on well together, we agree with each other and like the same things. No problems there.

However I always chose male dogs over female dogs, they were very affectionate and less complicated.

mmmm what am I saying?

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Philip Stevens

Mon 15th Apr 2019 18:11

The person in you head should NOT... be gender specific.. ?

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 15th Apr 2019 14:20

We live with ourselves, see our face in the mirror, and talk to ourselves on occasions, so it's hardly surprising that any inner voice
has the same origins.

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Don Matthews

Mon 15th Apr 2019 10:22


You question ' How are you able to attribute gender to the person you speak to in your head? '

I guess I always talk to my inner voice as a male. The question is why? Not being a psychologist I can't answer this. I can only postulate a reason as in the poem


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keith jeffries

Mon 15th Apr 2019 09:50


This is an interesting poem. How are you able to attribute gender to the person you speak to in your head? I can understand how we all gravitate to a certain gender in daily life for a variety of reasons. There is a male and female part in all of us. This might explain how we best relate to one gender and not the other. You pose and interesting question.

A very thoughtful poem. Thank you


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