Autism Rhythms


Sit in a corner

rock yourself

headset set to music

no one else can hear

Autism rhythms

sonic songs

a place so far away

so deep inside you

how wide the distance

the unspoken difference

a world so small

so isolated

just you and yourself

safe in a shell

protected from others

who cannot ever come in

the door is closed

and locked.


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mona s

Mon 15th Apr 2019 10:42

And it takes a special mind to unlock the doors of a child with autism.. Their perceptions are so very unique for us to fathom..
Love the theme and essence of your poem..
Thank you ..

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keith jeffries

Sun 14th Apr 2019 14:30


A very interesting poem on a subject I am not too well acquianted with. I have known two people in my life with autism and the effects of this condition were manifestly different in both. One was embullient, bright and alert and a joy to be with yet he had issues which, would be basic tasks to most of us, but were impossible for him to cope with. He was likeable, charming and someone I had a good deal of time for. The other was surly yet intelligent, an accountant by profession, often insecure and always blaming others. He wanted things his own way and could quite petulant if not paid attention to. Two very different people. Your poem describes a completely different type of the disorder. Perhaps I should read more. However, a thought provoking poem for which I thank you.


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