First Ride


We remember that first ride

on a horse

city kids who had no experience

with animals that size

just standing next to a horse was scary

like looking up at a mountain

a horse that had moving parts

and a head 3 times the size of ours

with teeth that looked huge and menacing

and a tail that slapped you in the face

but the horse of course

had horse sense

and knew we meant no harm

a wise old horse who was used to the plow

who had grown old and slow and patient

and who accommodated crazy kids

and their shenanigans

we pulled him toward the fence

so we could get on

no saddle no reins

I hung on to the mane

my sister hung on to me

we did not know what would happen next

but the horse went along

our weight nothing to him

we were like flies upon his back

the old horse put up with us kids

and simply let us learn

much like the grandparents

who watched from the farm house window

laughing at our clumsy attempts

at our first ride.


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keith jeffries

Fri 12th Apr 2019 14:11


A first rate poem rich in nostalgia and sensitively written. I really enjoyed it as I was able to reminisce with you.

Thank you

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