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(For the use of that final quote I am indebted to the unlikey source of literature, Iron Mike Tyson.  For the rest of it, to Paul Simon of course.)


Slip Sliding Away, Slip Sliding Away

You know the nearer your destination

The more you Slip Sliding Away.


Il y a une femme, elle habite dans mon pays

She told the country that she lived in fear

If I can’t get what I’m wanting I’m afraid that it will disappear.


Slip Sliding Away, Slip Sliding Away……


Il y a un homme, lives a life of lies

What surprised me the most was that you were surprised;

He played the bumbling useless tool

But in the contest of the fool and those he fooled

Who’s the bigger fool?


Slip Sliding Away, Slip Sliding Away……


Il y a un pays, it bears a stain

And its people longed for it to be great again;

It was so easy in all of their dreams

But the further from the problem you are

The easier it seems.


Slip Sliding Away, Slip Sliding Away……


Et maintenant tois you find you have no plan

Cos it’s slipped through your hands like a small child catching sand;

You thought you knew; you were so sure of what you’d do

“Everybody has a plan till the other guy starts hitting you”


Slip Sliding Away, Slip Sliding Away……




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John Coopey

Fri 12th Apr 2019 09:32

No-one can say that there hasn’t been much time for them to get used to the idea, MC. But the two options you have to come to terms with now are either Out (but almost in) and In.
I fear you will be right, Steve. The key for us will be nicking a goal.

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 11th Apr 2019 19:25

If Theresa May slipped and fell
I wouldn't hurry to catch her,
I'd be too busy imagining
In her silly shoes - Margaret Thatcher!
And we're ARE still paying the EU coffers
The billions we could save,
So listen up all you sideline scoffers
And give your money a goodbye wave!

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