A List Of Things We Buried In The Garden

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A List Of Things We Buried In The Garden


- A photograph of better times.


- An empty bottle of scotch.


- A well thumbed copy of ‘True Crimes’.


- A useless, broken watch.


- Seven bottles of little white pills.


- A pair of latex gloves.


- A folder with a thousand bills.


- A bunch of dead foxgloves.


- The broken vase they occupied.


- The sandwich that she ate

just minutes before she died.


- The crumb scattered plate.


- A hundred letters we’d exchanged

where she kept saying ‘no’.


- The desperate pleas, maybe deranged,

that had another go

to get the money that we needed

to get out of the mess -

all of them going unheeded.


- Her blood spattered dress.


- The cloth we used to wipe the place upon the window sill

where she hit her head.

Some might say all this was overkill

to make sure she was dead.


- A knife with red encrusted blade.


-The final statements from her banks.


- A bottle of bleach (industrial grade).


- a hastily scribbled note of thanks.


- A video tape of the whole session

clearly showing me and my brother

reading out this true confession.


- Mother.

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Laura Taylor

Wed 10th Apr 2019 13:14

I really loved the build up of this, and in a weird way it reminded me of Nick Cave lyrics.

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Don Matthews

Tue 9th Apr 2019 15:07

I'm sure there's something here and I'd like to say something but I don't know what...

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