Unsolicited E-Mail


If you are the recipient

of a distribution e-mail

that you did not sign up for

or agree to

there is a problem

please notify the sender's

of the error of their ways

then threaten them with a law-suit

if that doesn't work

to further protect your privacy

take the nuclear option

delete yourself

now you no longer exist

your identity lost in cyberspace

and you will never be bothered again

the only drawback is

you will not be able to order from Amazon

or send dumb jokes to your friends.



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Don Matthews

Sun 7th Apr 2019 10:58

dk I have a problem
You might help me to solve
Can't find no unsuscribe button
To make them go, dissolve

I thought it was against the law
Not putting button in
But then I'm in Australia
Seems I cannot win ?

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