hide and seek

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hide and seek


one thousand and one

one thousand and


my head pressed against the bark

on the tree by the pond side

where the ducks quack back

at the boy with the ball

whose dreams are

not yet fully formed


two one thousand and three

one thou


sat by the brown muddy water

with schoolbooks spilling from bags

a kiss on the cheek

and we carve our names deep

in the bench that

is riveted down

Tracy 4 Kev



sand and four

one thousand and five



photographer flashes

the brilliant white

of a wedding dress flutters

and family chatters

about the beauty

of having your photos

done in the park


thousand and six

one thousand and


holding hands gently

and speaking of endings

that come to us all

and wishing that time

would just leave us alone

and the ducks are silent

and the pond is muddy


seven one thousand

and eight one thousand and



the bench has been broken

tracing my fingers

through scars that once stated

Tracy 4 Kev

but a thousand more names

and a hundred more crudities

mask the true love

of an innocent time




the ducks have all flown away

indignant and squawking

the reeds have long overgrown

the primordial pond

the leaves have all fallen

and winter is coming

my head pressed against the bark

on the tree


one thousand

and ten



ready or not…

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