Wrapping my Thoughts around the Mind

I think about it all the time...

the sweet temptation,

manipulation! - 

wrapping my thoughts around the mind


I am wondering


How many books I need to read?

How many courses yet take...!?

to hold the leash...

- control the bitch!


She is a mess, she is wild...

I gasp from her ideas saying:

Oh, no you didn't...

- she is destructive!


But God! I love her time to time!


Still want control though...

need her to obey...

and do shit I want her to

I am the master here!


OK, this is getting erotic...

she did her magic again.

always so innapropriate?

oh yes...


Maybe she just needs to be...


So, that's why I am signing up - 

psychology! next year.


she is a pain in the ass, nevertheless

without her there is no me...

she is everything I am - 

my subconscious! 


Noone is free - 


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Patricio LG

Mon 26th Nov 2018 23:16

If I could speak to my mind, I’d ask it “what the fuck are you thinking”

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