This ravaged night

That bleeds us dry

Of all that we love and adore

That tramples the flower

And blisters the soil

That cracks the earth

that withers the harvest of the mind

that snaps the will

and smothers all hope


this dark and choking blanket

with tendrils reaching out

strangling every last vestige

of who and what we were

turning us one against another

letting us become all that we abhor

that promises everything

for just a few more feet of mudded turf


that which preys on the weak and the strong alike

that which defies the keen and the bright

that whose tempest smoulders without end

feeding on the plague of pride avarice hunger and dissent

with righteousness that screams and yells at every passing peaceful thought

this decoy of a better life

this savage ravaged night

of which we always say

there will be no more

this that we call a just

and necessary war ?

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Martin Elder

Wed 21st Nov 2018 22:56

Thanks for your reading of this Stu it is much appreciated. Cheers

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Stu Buck

Wed 21st Nov 2018 02:46

written from the heart martin like so much of your work. im glad to see you still posting quality work after my extended absence.

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Martin Elder

Mon 12th Nov 2018 16:48

Thanks to Rachel ,Brian, Jon and Bruce for liking and Keith, Taylor, walking man and Big Sal for commenting. I can only say I am humbled by your comments. I don't always like to make any sort of statement so to speak.

Thank you all very much

Big Sal

Sun 11th Nov 2018 17:21

Each adjective is well-placed, and every line is spoken with intent. ?

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Sun 11th Nov 2018 16:39

One thing I like about this poem is that I was a good bit into it before I realized that it was at least partly about war.

I like that subtlety. Good job!

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Taylor Crowshaw

Sun 11th Nov 2018 16:24

Last six lines for me...excellent Martin

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keith jeffries

Sun 11th Nov 2018 13:52


This poem is one of the best I have read in a long time as it comes not only from your pen but from the voices of many, some alive others gone before us. A masterpiece which stimulates the imagination with a message which is loud and clear.

Thank you indeed.


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