Yes, I am guilty!

Guilty of possesivness...exactly like you said! 

Of being too loud and not collected...

I didn't figure it out yet!

I am thinking long enough...about this song.

Want to make it  proud and fierce,

but only sadness comes along. 

Gosh! You two have no idea,

how many times I cried, felt like a doormat!

My memory was showing pictuers,

of your lovely, little flat. 

Your dogs, food, the sense of love.

Damn I miss it still.

Luxuries I wasn't used to...

and now all that is gone.


I am guilty of thinking,

I could release the Me with you. 

Guilty of not being passive

and guilty of telling the truth. 

I am guilty of holding too tight, 

guilty of taking things to the heart,

guilty of not bringing enough 

and guilty of letting you make me laugh!

I should have known better!


But at the end of the day,

the things that disrupt you...I love!

I like myself for being loud and open,

I hate being shy.

Furthermore I quite hate passive,

cause I've seen active and alive!

You didn't.

I know what selfish can do to others...

but you act like you don't care.

Proud of hurting smn's feelings...

and calling yourself healthy! Fair?

So I am guilty and I screw up...a lot.

But, so what?

I won't change for anybody...

I will never stop :)




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Hannah Collins

Thu 25th Oct 2018 15:46

That's right, never stop, be yourself, because as some said, everyone else is taken.
Who said that? Oscar Wilde?
Great to read you.


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