Entwined, long thick sinewy trunk, 

Marked I with colours of  love,

WIth friends, and soulmate

On the green, via rustling leaves  

Caling out to each other in song

Through the breeze,-kindred spirits, 

Without  begining nor end, at one

With the universe, same as us,

We too the never ending high, 

Tallness into the wide sky. 

Reaching for the heavens.

To the  being there, then down,

Into the ground, pulling down life 

from the sun, moon, stars

Into its gnarled trunk to the roots. 

To grow upwards, outwards.

Pulled from the bottom,

While pushed down into nature.,

Which being cyclic knows

no boundaries of end. 

Like our love, lives marriage 

Large tree of the botanical gardens,

Which saw me, so sought you for us. 


◄ Without You, a Burden

Petal Growing in Arid Ground ►


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Sam Khan-McIntyre

Wed 7th Nov 2018 14:23

Thanks for everyone's comments and pointing out the bits you like, am still learning how to use the comments section to reply

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Wed 7th Nov 2018 13:17

I like the image of leaves calling out to each other in song.

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