Petal Growing in Arid Ground

Your mien told me, that you are

That flower petal in arid ground

When we, level with the astral plane

Amongst the twinkling stars 

Back when petal, happy to be 

Without interference,

until the powers that be

came for you and for us, 


And your people came for us, 

Too, with their hate, we didn't

Know how to deal with them any-

More. they muddled our genius

 With their thick greedy idiocy, 

And unravelled our lives to steal


From us but you'll always be

My precious petal, and even if

They force and bribe, teach you 

To abandon me by yourself 

Let yourself go to where they ask

Coerce you into hating life, me. 


Only then will let you out 

of that place, four years of it,

I understand, I have to, nazis.

While our flower grows and grows, 

On arid ground, that dark hole. 

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Douglas MacGowan

Wed 7th Nov 2018 18:36

You capture the conflict between yourself and the subject very well.

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