Without You, a Burden

Living on the boat 

Had been working on it

For the last three years, 

Tidying, and boat work. 


With more and more water 

Coming in, maintenance and to do, 

Rubbish to take to far away bins. 

Water brought from even farther. 


Taps to go to with vessels brought, 

Wood to collect and manage. 

Fruit to collect, fires make, 

Impossible to keep the cold out. 


Victuals on my back  to collect, 

dreadful burden Hurt, broke my back,

 life painful, Suffering sore, 

Rude people, out of their way to hurt


Shoulders down, authorities stole.,

You, they gave nothing in return, 

their burden on my tiny frame

Degraded and old years alone. 


All rude, all over London cruel, 

Shopkeepers security strangers, 

Cafe owners all causing trouble 

Because London, a cold hard place.


And life, aburden without you. 

With no-one by my side to while away

 the pass of time, nor help,

No money, me and your spirit.


With me had to scavenge, to live

Like unmentionables, no money, 

It was finished or your people greedy

 took what was left.


Not even welfare, they took that too

Job applications going nowhere 

While I'm trying to get you out 

of there the hospital with cops. 


Chasing us say we not allowed, 

To live, brainwash us into believing

 Their deemed mental health illness 

For no reason, racist Nazi lies. 


Thinking you're dead,

 Hurting while asking lawyer help, 

Nothing for us, you without, 

I should have stayed near you. 


4 years ago, our flat in Edinburgh, 

Near you now in Newcastle, but 

Hardly see you a year they after me

 Chase, lock me up too for nor reason 


They make me think theives lies 

you they may  have moved you, 

State authorities burden, 

After burden doubled up in pain. 


My hair falling out, and going grey,

SInce they stole you away,  

A shadow of my former self

Am nothing without you



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Big Sal

Mon 5th Nov 2018 14:51

Excellent piece with matching imagery.?

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