Words to reach you

I write and write to reach you, 

Hoping these words arrive

In some magical way,

As they touch the paper,

And set it heated aflame. 

To reach you via the spiritual aspect

From the material of wood, carbon, 

Ink, the natural elements. 

To get  to you through my touch

To the other side of the walls, 

Where you don't belong. 

There for no reason, they keep you ill. 

When you are not, and me away,

Under duress and threats,

State authorities, being bullies enemies, 

Demon nazi home wreckers' hell,

And your people too, all are wrong

You are not mad, they are confused, 

Between genius and madness,

Stalking abusing us to prove it. 

So these words go our for you in air, 

So reach your mind, sustain your soul, 

To nourish you with love and joy, 

Though the pleasure of the touch

Of ink on paper and symbolism of it. 

All to  touch your heart, your being 

With that magical earth brush. 

To join us to the spirit of the world. 

For we can make whatever we like

With our quill and ink, as it reaches out 

To stain you, the world, beautifully, 

To touch you, as what is wrongly denied

To us my love is returned restored. 


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