Happy Teapot

As a wedding present we were given a tea-cosy,

And it makes me laugh and cry to think of you happy. 

Doing that little teapot dance, you in love with us,

To make tea whenever it took my or your fancy, 

Even when it was my turn to, you did more than me.

Am being fair, and you or  the powers that be,

Who took you away that night, that day, that morning, 

Broke into our house and took our things too.

Those demons of the state, and for no reason, 

Decided that you were mad and locked you up.

For years, and where are our children, do not know,

How much of that cure-all tea we always drank,

Took you away covered in love energy, I told them-no. 

Locked up by the state, once just because t couldn't sleep,

I didn't know what to do anymore, ran away. 

Then they even took you away from our boat, 

The last four years l dream of you making teapot,

I'll cry at anything, and even the sky, until I die. 

Even if I  never am allowed to see you again,

By the state demons and your people, regrets,

Because they came for you, they got me too.

Because I didnt know what to do, I its obvious, 

That silver tea set and funny cosy are the answer, 

For no-one let nazi police+NHS demons  get away.

So they wrecked our lives, took us for fodder, 

With the spirit of the universe telling us we're not mental.

That cure tea-drink the answer & I'll  see our future in a teacup. 

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Hannah Collins

Mon 5th Nov 2018 08:43

A tragic story beautifully told.


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