Can You Hear My Cry

Cry and cry, till I die

Can you hear,  I want you by me

As we used to play

In the long golden grass, 

My beautiful one. Long gone

Four years, but still with me


Played till state authorities saw

And stole from us our life, 

Raped us for themselves 

Persecuted us, we ran, not mad

To escape their tether chains cells

Far away, beyond altitude. 


For we are not mad, accused thus, 

Past the blue sea yonder, 

Through Its whistling wash, 

Up away from those  cliffs

Moved all mountains,

Fast past the sun's rays. 


So they would not find us

But they must have done. 

We still crying for one-another

This time too, in the cliffs,

Can you hear my cry my call, 

Through the sun sand, ether. 


Can you hear me now, still

Ringing in the silent wind, 

Through sun, sea and sand

The waves lapping, mingling wet

On the edge of the precipice 

The cliffs of blue younder

tling washUp awayfrom thosecliffs Moved all mountainsFast past the sun's raysSo they would not find usBut they must have doneWe still crying for one-anotherThis time tooin the cliffsCan you hear my crymy callThrough the sunsandetherCan you hear menowstill Ringingin the silent windSam Khan-McIntyreGavin Khan-McIntyrewritingswrite out loudwrite out

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Sun 4th Nov 2018 18:56

Wow, awesome poem! Still reading it over and over.

I especially liked the lines

Far away, beyond altitude.


Fast past the sun's rays.

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