Chickened out by Amelia the young witch

Amelia the young witch from Sabden was walking down the street alone,

Two dodgy looking lads had their eyes on her expensive mobile phone.

"Hand that over to us young lass !"

They were not to know what was about to pass.


Amelia twitched her nose two chickens did appear,

The lads were no longer there, nothing now to fear.

Two eggs were laid Amelia took them home,

And safely clung on to her mobile phone.


The two chickens wandered to a nearby farm,

Laid many eggs and came to no harm.

Posters appeared all over the place,

To try and solve the missing lads case.

Amelia was the only one who knew where they had gone,

The young witch from Sabden who's talents again shone.


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M.C. Newberry

Wed 31st Oct 2018 15:42

Good fun.
The would-be thieves should have shelled out
For mobile phones of their own,
Avoiding Amelia's nose-twitching act...
(If only those chickens had known!).

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Don Matthews

Wed 31st Oct 2018 10:34

Hey Hugh you have gone and downgraded
Amelia's phone that she had
A brand new Epensive 6G one
For a common old 2G, so sad ?

No wonder the boys said I want that
Epensive ones cost a fortune
Could you please tell me where I can get one
Cos I'm wanting to upgrade mine soon ?

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Don Matthews

Wed 31st Oct 2018 10:24

I gotta get my hands on
This new Epensive phone
It's one I've never heard of
A real cool new ring tone?

I'm sure it must be 6G
Or else it's out of date
Apple's gotta keep ahead
And not be running late

Epensive phone? I'm flummoxed
What colour it portrays?
Multicoloured? fleckle-toned?
Surely not shabby grey?

The name Epensive brings to mind
A phone in serious thought
I gotta go and get one
This phone, I gotta bought ?

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Brian Maryon

Wed 31st Oct 2018 10:09

Hugh - if Amelia had been on her broomstick instead of on foot all this unpleasantness could have been avoided.

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