Australia's Mental Health Crisis

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Australia's Youth Mental Health Crisis


There's a youth mental health crisis in Australia

Record levels of severe psychological distress

Suicides increasing not dropping

We do have a situation, a mess


Normal worries are partly responsible

Moving school to a university

Plus challenges involved in leaving home

All bring future uncertainty


Sleep time is being taken away

And substituted with time on the screen

Binge-watching and scrolling and gaming

Real-life connections have become has-beens


The point of my verse is quite simple

Reduce young people's time on the screen

Increase activity, good sleep patterns, healthy diets

And stop making human connections has-beens


Don Matthews October 2018


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Don Matthews

Sun 28th Oct 2018 23:16

Martin - you need a pic of yourself sitting down writing with paper and pen. Don't you know blue light can affect your reproductability? ?

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Martin Elder

Sun 28th Oct 2018 16:43

yep too much time spent in front of screens said the old man sitting in front of computer typing his comments and I should know better.
You have raised a good point Don
Nice one

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Hannah Collins

Sun 28th Oct 2018 10:08

Suicide seems to be on the increase in many countries.
It is worrying.
Good that you have posted about this issue.


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Brian Maryon

Sun 28th Oct 2018 07:29

Good one Don. Is it really permanent mental health condition? I have my doubts. I think more likely angst due to low self esteem caused by social media trolls highlighting body/personality traits. They spend so much time online and are disproportionately affected by comments viewed.

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Taylor Crowshaw

Sun 28th Oct 2018 06:24

Point well made Don..?

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