Always On The Losing Side

Always On The Losing Side


You’ve lost to emperors and knights,

been cheated by beggars and thieves.

Shame and agony fill your nights

The scar of defeat never leaves…

You always were that one lame horse

that even you wouldn’t bet on!

Charm isn’t an overcoat you can force

on an ugly duckling-of-a-swan.

Some days you lose to the witty,

and other times you lose

to the lookers and the pretty.

Better luck next time!

Feel the room, increase your odds

simply toss a dime…

What shall it be? Beauty, skill or brains-

Fair fortunes given by the gods!

Time to admit it! As much as it pains

no matter how you play it you'll lose.

Cause if you were a winner you wouldn’t need to choose.

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Mae Foreman

Thu 10th Jan 2019 11:26

Thank you Alan! No, we are definitely not alone. I think even the most confident, most successful, most sober and content have to deal with the idea of failure at some point.

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Alan Travis Braddock

Thu 10th Jan 2019 10:22

Oh I do like this one. A little gem. I'm a person who hates to lose at anything (tiddly-winks even!) but this tells me that I'm not alone. Thank You Mae!

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Mae Foreman

Sat 27th Oct 2018 13:36

Thank you Big Sal, Taylor and Rachel for your nice words! I'm glad I reached you!

Thank you!


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Taylor Crowshaw

Sat 27th Oct 2018 06:18

Excellent piece Mae..thank you 💕

Big Sal

Sat 27th Oct 2018 04:10

When I read this I imagine the highest stakes dice game ever to grace the ground in front of my eyes. Nicely formatted piece, Mae.👍

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Sat 27th Oct 2018 02:02 we feel, at times, that all is won or lost by fate--

"cause if you were a winner you wouldn’t need to choose."

Mae, we could go on and on here. But, you and I both know that we are each gods in our own game, in a way.

..good to see your post,


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