Consume or be Consumed

Consume or be Consumed



And right when you think you’ve had enough…

Take a big breath! There’s still room!

Swallow the Insults; Feast on them!

You might as well enjoy them too!

The more of them you eat

the less of them stare back at you from your plate.

You can't have Respect though.


You can only lick the icing a little bit...

With class and finesse take little sips of that Covert Taunt;

come on, show your manners!

Look down on them from over your porcelain cup;

your little finger daintily aloft.

Nibble on the Guilt in secret;

go on, no one can see you!

No one will know!

And after you're done

hide the wrapping paper under your sheets.

Suck the Failure dry!

Make it scarce

and maybe it will have never been.

Bite your way out of Conflict

It's futile; has been so for ages

and you're so sleepy.

chew on the thorny weed of that Self-Doubt

that grows under your pillow

until it leaves nothing but bitterness on your bloody tongue.

Savor it! You helped plant it after all!

Gobble Rejection and Neglect in one fair gulp!

Chug, chug, chug!

Bite your way inside!

Off with the hinges of closed doors

and Chances Denied.

And don’t forget those Old Habits!

Nasty things; Gnash your fangs,

devour them!

And Western Medicine

and Solutions

and Corrections!

Pop, pop, pop!

Fistfuls of them!

How much sicker can you get after all?

And when the Numbers start growing bigger on you,

eat them.

Oh, those Numbers!

Ruthlessly gnaw on the Numbers;

Feed on the Odds,

lest they obliterate you.

It's you or Them.

And then,

Consume everything around,

Eat everything that consumes you,

Consume everything that eats you,

Everything that belittles you,

Eat it.

Eat until you’re the only big thing left standing.

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Mae Foreman

Thu 10th Jan 2019 11:21

Yes, fierce and tough I am! But I'd like to think that I fight with civility! Hopefully! And I'll let you in on a secret too! Deep down I'm a big, fat, vanilla softie!
Thank you Alan!

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Alan Travis Braddock

Thu 10th Jan 2019 10:28

Oh YES! Fierce and tough. I'd hate to have to fight you!

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Mae Foreman

Mon 15th Oct 2018 00:00

No apologies necessary Sal! Criticism is not necessary a bad thing, I do value it. And one can't always hear what they want to hear, right? And you did have a valid point and as a matter of fact your comment helped and I'd happier with the revised version! So, no worries. 👍

Big Sal

Sun 14th Oct 2018 23:50

I was laughing at the blunt critique wrapped in a pun, and it's great if you like it. As long as you're satisfied with what you wrote, then everyone else should be too.

I didn't mean to come off as criticizing. I don't do that unless someone asks for it, so sorry if it seemed like I was.

Great piece still though. I like the changes you've made.

Profile image

Mae Foreman

Sun 14th Oct 2018 23:37

Well, Big Sal, I appreciate the honesty and criticism. Maybe I can find a way to improve and still make my point which had nothing to do with smoking pot. How about the revised version?

Big Sal

Sun 14th Oct 2018 23:26

If I wrote this and couldn't think of a title, I'd just call it 'Tasty Cakes'. Seriously, I would.😎

"Smoke the weed of that self-doubt"? Sorry Mae, but you made me laugh with this line. Hey, you could call it 'Space Cakes'. Or . . .

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Mae Foreman

Sun 14th Oct 2018 21:57

Hey Hugh! Oooh! Good one! Let's see what else might come up!
Thank you!

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Sun 14th Oct 2018 21:47

How about "Destroy and digest"

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Mae Foreman

Sun 14th Oct 2018 21:39

Thank You Anya! 💓

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Mae Foreman

Sun 14th Oct 2018 21:31

Thank you Brian! Very fitting! I'll concider your suggestion! 👍

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Brian Maryon

Sun 14th Oct 2018 21:25

How about "Suck It Up"

Nice piece Mae

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