I Could Love You

One love replaces another.

That's how things work, you claim. 

And the: "It will never get better.",

is a line, which should be banned. 


You draw every day like a painter. 

You draw smiles on sad people's faces. 

In our hearts we call you 'dear'.

I'd go with you anywhere!


You've moved me! 


I love that logic of yours.

Admire your eager and happy mind! 

I guess I could love from my heart, but I don't, 

and I am lucky there is no love in me to find. 


I have lost people before. 

I suck at this...really fucking bad. 

But losing a person like you!

What huge hole my heart'd had!  


I love driving in your car.

I surely won't forget any of trips. 

Even better if we go far! 

You playing the music, that gives me the creeps.


I drink on times together.

I drink on roads, that never end.

On night of great sex in the dorm. 

And still waking up with a friend.


So now you got a song from me.

You will never die!

Cause I am a poet baby

and thanks to people like you my minds fly :)



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Big Sal

Tue 28th Aug 2018 19:58

Awesome piece. Great imagery as well.?

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