red sun

forget this day

this disappointment--

bathe it fretlessly in moonlight's subtle shades

  of black and white

until the morning no longer remembers

  the hole in the dark it pierced

    into the day before

◄ bodies in free fall

ghost (life on the outside) ►


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Sun 14th Oct 2018 17:02

Thank you, Martin x

Really, Martin, the diversity of styles I encounter here, including yours, is a good part of what keeps me coming 'round. I don't say a lot, but I find the personal glimpses given through writing quite beautiful.

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Sun 14th Oct 2018 17:00

Thank you very much for your kind responses, Sal, Taylor, and Jon.

Truthfully, my tendency to be self-critical doesn't break me up all that much. I've come to see my blog as I would any art studio and I don't think that any true artist sets out to make a masterpiece--those happen only as an affect of sincere expression.

WoL has been invaluable to my personal development, allowing me to step out of what once became a very uncomfortable comfort zone.

Again, thanks all and enjoy what's left of the weekend.

With respect,


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Martin Elder

Sun 14th Oct 2018 16:44

I always look forward to your postings Rachel. You have the ability to say ion just a few words what I fail to do with a large number of words.

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Jon Stainsby

Sun 14th Oct 2018 09:42

Try not to regret. You are who you are, and that is wonderful.

Look after yourself,


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Taylor Crowshaw

Sun 14th Oct 2018 08:16

Beautiful Rachel, your work is excellent..💕

Big Sal

Sun 14th Oct 2018 04:28

If the butterfly effect is anything to go by, even the smallest speck of pollen can cause a massive change of events or effects.

You may not see yourself as up-to-par in your writings, but they are nothing to doubt. Especially in an age of so much uncertainty, infantile aggression, and micromanaged art forms - believe in yourself and your writings.

You write extremely well, and it is a pleasure to be able to see up close the way your writing and progress unfolds. Oblivion take us, but by God never fear the dark.

Take care.🌷

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Sun 14th Oct 2018 02:42

I know I may regret this later...

I fully realize that the quality of my postings are not always, as they say, "up to par". And, I'll admit that my will to post at all flags according to my confidence in what I write. However, ultimately, I choose to see this forum as a means of becoming not-so-disappeared in a world that would otherwise have us all remain anonymous to function as faceless cogs.

My place is infinitesimally small in the scheme of things, but (at least for now) I choose to magnify and reach out in this meager manner--it is as much as I can do to move however slightly against the forces that bind us.

Fighting oblivion (if only for a while),


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