ghost (life on the outside)

..set it off like a funeral pyre,

intoxicated on ether like fumes of gasoline


--I heard it said

that's what to do

once it's done

until it's dead...


and everyday, still,

I watch as you arrive back home


clutching a brown paper sack

before an opened door


the blinding bright specter

inside, of life left behind


standing momentarily picturesque

within a flashcloud of ash and dust.


◄ red sun

negation ►


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Mon 22nd Oct 2018 21:20

Hey, Martin. Thanks for looking in and letting me know what you think. And, thanks to all for reading.


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Martin Elder

Sun 21st Oct 2018 22:28

set it off like a funeral pyre

That for me is such a powerful and evocative opening line on its own.
Love it Rachel
Nice oen

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Sun 21st Oct 2018 00:23

I've been watching Showtime's THIS AMERICAN LIFE and found a particular segment very poignant and strongly relevant to the human experience I was trying to convey through the post...

Though it may not be immediately apparent as to why it's so, I found it so touching that I wanted to find a way to include it, here.

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Sat 20th Oct 2018 15:00

Thanks for speaking up with your thoughts, Sal. I realize it's not always easy--I can be incorrigibly stubborn when it comes to letting go of mine.

Big Sal

Sat 20th Oct 2018 03:20

Painfully close to home for many, myself included. If I read into this correctly - and I think I did- it's a new favorite. First two lines set the scene for something great, something classic.


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