This small offshore island nation

Earned a worthy reputation

As a welcoming destination

For those intent on immigration.


But it can now be said as such

That too much of anything is...well...too much!

And that a thing too often used

Runs the risk of being abused.


When many leapfrog numerous lands

Arriving here with outstretched hands,

As if losing sight of course or direction

In need of previous corrected selection...


The signs are there for us to see,

What has been can now no longer be.




AISLE BE SEEING YOU! - Saturday Verse ►


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M.C. Newberry

Fri 12th Oct 2018 20:40

Over 20 years ago, when, I suspect, many of today's WOL
contributors were either still in school or barely out of it,
a provincial newspaper published a letter of mine seeking
to highlight the threat to our already shrunken countryside
from the demands of housing as a result of increasing
immigration. The BBC TV's "Panorama" reported on the
subject but made no mention of the increasing population as a factor, even denying it - PC fashion - in a letter to me
when I took it up with their reporter, whose name I still
recall! It must have put their collective noses out when a
contemporary front page of a national newspaper printed
the government's admission endorsing my concerns.
We have acquired a population equal to that of France but squeezed into a third of the latter country's land mass.
As I observe (and believe) - too much is...well...too much.

Brian Blanchard

Fri 12th Oct 2018 16:44

Well said, and an issue that's becoming more recognized in many nations beyond your lovely island home!

Natasha Bowman

Thu 11th Oct 2018 21:24

Wow. This poem is great.👍👍👍

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Jezer Urena

Thu 11th Oct 2018 17:23

The times they are a changin'

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