WINNERS & LOSERS - Saturday rhyme time

"If you can meet Triumph and Disaster..."

Wrote the chap with the cake-maker's name,

Adding to hisĀ  confection like a master -

"And treat those two imposters just the same".

Now, a century on, with the odd snobbish sniff,

Lines from his most famous poem named "IF"

Are probably quoted more frequently than

Most other written works that rhyme and scan.

But there are still many places where winning is all,

And proud faces that cannot face losing a call;

Not seeing that second best is but an aid

To realising and relishing the victory parade.

So, folks, I invite you to sing right along

To these words from a much later popular song:

"Don't lose your confidence if you slip,

Be grateful for a pleasant trip - and

Pick yourself up,

Dust yourself off,

And start all over again."

(Ye ken?!)





<Deleted User> (19836)

Sat 6th Oct 2018 08:07

Great rhyme, great message, great poem!?

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Taylor Crowshaw

Sat 6th Oct 2018 08:05

Very well constructed poem and so true. Thank you M.C. ?

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Brian Maryon

Sat 6th Oct 2018 07:50

Good stuff Mark. I love IF. I particularly like Mike Bassett England Manager who had it framed on his wall for inspiration but the framer ran out of space and the last line became ' and which is more you'll be a mason'

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Don Matthews

Sat 6th Oct 2018 05:05

Well written and said MC ?

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