Missing Soul

I come to at half past three
in the middle of the night
and these images won't erase
I'm haunted by the tape
once it is light
your hands disappear
my brain is mine
and my limbs come crawling back
but the tape keeps playing
I know there's no escape
because night always falls
then I fall into you
and my mind leaves me
with no thoughts left to think
I make my way
the void is frictionless 
when my blood turns cold
I'm not afraid 
I leave my body behind
the soul finds a way
it's dark and it's silent and I can't stop
I just can't stop 
I can't
it's grotesque, hate dipped love
misery and its constant compulsion
my mouth aches and you kiss me anyway
I wait for your eyes to glaze 
then I wake up


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Chris Armstrong

Fri 19th Oct 2018 15:25

Very powerful!

Big Sal

Fri 5th Oct 2018 03:41

You can feel the emotion seeping from the lines. Great piece.?

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