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I thought that you cared,
that you cared more than a friend.
Now when I see you you're all over him,
now I'm letting the darkness in.

I remember when you were all over me,
I sang you lullabies to help you sleep.
You held my hand when I felt down,
held me in your arms to pull me up.

We were editing our little story,
you put your pen down and I start to worry.
You scrumbled your paper and walked away,
now I write poems to wash away my pain.

I remember what my friend used to say,
that you loved me, to give my life away.
I did and I fell in love with your smile,
now there's noone to warm my dying heart.

When I remember how you used to care,
I would give my all for you again.
I would do everything to turn back time,
to erase him from your mind and mine.

Now you're acting like you care again,
my family warning me from the soaring pain.
You're sending me texts to have a goodnight's sleep,
That you're missing me and would rather be with me.

But while I'm all alone trying to fall asleep,
you're with him living all of your wonderful dreams.
I used to be a dreamer when I was still with you,
but you took it all away you fell for someone new.

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