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Shame of world

I heard about life where we were equal
I dream about that time every day
They say people are all the same
so what depends on their names.

Every night I go to bed
I lie down and close my eyes
I see people and all that hate
I bow my head in shame at them

I remember that all the time
You were lying by my side
You held my hand and kissed my lips
Tears are sliding down my cheeks.

You look at me with tear filled eyes
you scream at me I don't know why.
I wonder why you crying
what is it that's hurting?

You slam the door and don't look back,
you walked out the door and my life.
I look around our room at that empty bed,
remembering the words you said.

Your words were always lies, I realized that now.
You were just like the others and I was blind,
I didn't see that comming, didn't see that liar.
I'm me and you are you, we are not compatible.

I live my life in shadows and dark,
you're scared of dark and seek the light.
I don't see my future while you see the world,
let me know when it changes cause I need to know.

I walk down the streets, people are staring,
I'm different I know what they're thinkng.
They are scared of me, think that I'm crazy,
I was born with a name then why did I change it.

Behind my smile is my hurting heart,
behind my laugh I'm falling apart.
Look closely and you will see,
the girl I'm supposed to be isn't me.

People killing, hurting, spreading hate,
other people praising them.
That's our world, the one we live in.
So take my life too, I don't wanna live it.

my worldshameworld

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