The Hypocrisy of Fashion


We’re told “express yourself, no matter what anyone else says”

Unless you’re different than me

Because anything different is repugnant and must be deterred

We make fun of others for not being original

While looking exactly like your group of friends

We’re blissfully unaware of how unoriginal we are


Who decides what’s deemed “cool”

Because I really don’t agree with a lot of that

Why does a certain group of individuals

Decide what will be accepted by society


What’s the purpose of fashion week?

Or fashion shows in general?

No normal, average, person is gonna wears that

I look at the clothes they show off and am so confused

I guess it might be an art form you want to show off

But why must we act like it’s going to impact our style


It seems that clothes go down in quality

While going up in price

Getting thinner and skimpier for more money


Why is fashion so important?

Just wear what you like and feel comfortable in


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Don Matthews

Sat 1st Sep 2018 01:58

I like this Melissa?

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