Crazy world, my world

I live in a world that often surprise me.

Where you have to stand on your own if you wanna survive, 

where emotions are a bad thing and someone who plays with them is categorized as 'the funniest person alive', (and it's your fault anyway cause on scale of -627-0 you feel five) 

where the highest value is to get laid before you at home hug your wife,

and where dogs are appreciated more than humans though they can't even spell a-r-r-i-v-e. 

Where children don't play on the streets anymore,

where you only see possesive couples or no couples, 

where every day at least 10 woman abort

and where alcoholism is a sign of 'sociable person'. Cause we are all proud alcoholics. 


I get trapped in those too. You have no idea how much. These all are the values of people I love. I am sorry God but we all are so far from knowing what are we doing. But that's my world. 

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