Man is the Beast

Man is the Beast


You pass me every day sat far back in my cage.
Soft liquid eyes weary tired resolute.
There was a time long ago, I was called cute.
You see me but you don't see me at all.
Your feet drag heavily as you try not to fall,
bucket clattering the bars as you pass.
It's nearly my time.
Perhaps if I close my eyes turn to the wall you will pass me by forget I exist.
Because if you don't forget.. tomorrow I will no longer be,
not even a memory.


© 2018  Taylor Crowshaw

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jennifer Malden

Tue 14th Aug 2018 19:34

Great writing, and as others have said from an unusual

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 13th Aug 2018 17:20

The emotion is painful, and, except for ensuring a species
continues, there is no real excuse for keeping animals in cages.
That said, we are alone in being able and willing to act
to ensure that those we call beasts are able to
survive when Nature (including Man, of course!) works
against them and threatens their very existence. In short,
there is an upside and that provides hope for greater
understanding and consideration of our animal neighbours,
even if human nature is notoriously wayward and selective
in its preferences e.g. its eagerness to recognise and
reward comforting human traits perceived in wild
Now, about the insects that live and thrive alongside me here...??? 😐

Big Sal

Sun 12th Aug 2018 23:04

There's that emotion I told you about before Taylor. . .The 'soft liquid eyes' line pierces the psyche and makes the reader feel empathy and sympathy at the same time. It forces perspective where some would not have it. Keep them coming, and I'll keep speaking truth.🙌

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Kate G

Sun 12th Aug 2018 21:52

I agree with the comments above Taylor. So interesting to take the perspective of the creature in the cage. It makes me sad that many regard animals as disposable and without the ability to feel.

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Peter Taylor

Sun 12th Aug 2018 21:29

Hi Taylor. A lovely poem to end the day. Thanks so much.
Peter T

<Deleted User> (19836)

Sun 12th Aug 2018 21:13

The perspective you took on this piece is very profound. Great writing!❤Jane


Sun 12th Aug 2018 19:27

Heavy emotions in it Taylor, I can feel them all.

Sending you warmth and love 😘

<Deleted User> (13762)

Sun 12th Aug 2018 19:27

indeed man is and I pity the caged - well written from inside the cage so to speak. Col.

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