No wind in the Willows !

Linda wasn't happy in her old people's home,

So her family transferred her from Frimley to Frome.

The nurses at The Willows,her new home, were kind and  alert,

But were concerned at times that she might get hurt.

She seemed to lean over sideways on her chair.

Two nurses caught her straightened her,here they did care.

After a while she starts leaning to the other side.

To keep her upright to the bed head she was tied.

Her sister came to visit."Whats it like here Lind?"

"One slight problem,they won't let me pass wind!"

◄ The transfer of pain machine

Shell sequel ►


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Sun 12th Aug 2018 19:31

Agree with Martin! You are unique Hugh!!! Keep them coming 😘

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Martin Elder

Sun 12th Aug 2018 16:57

Hugh you are unique. keep them coming. You certainly brighten up a dull afternoon.

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 12th Aug 2018 16:42

Humour like this is always worth airing! Thanks, Hugh.

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Taylor Crowshaw

Sun 12th Aug 2018 08:26

It's a cracker..😂

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