From Kurashiki to Manchester




It’s my last day.  I’ll never see the telephone cables, from the corner of my eye,

                        meshed together, look like crows’ mingling.

                        Or the

White sheets straggling washing lines, having a barney with futons; bent over balconies,

                        blowing in the wind, from the bellow of petrol station attendants;

who make rainbows on windscreens with their elbows, egging cars, in and out.


I’ll never smell yaki niku, as it smoulders on charcoal:

                        Amy, splatting me with the fat.


Taste the gumminess of mochi, melting all corners of my mouth:

                        It’s red centre, like lava.


I’ll never hear the jostling of school children’s bags, bouncing with pokemon,

                        Hello kitty key rings, swinging from their straps.

                        Or the

Irasshaimase, sumimasens, as I walk into conveni’s.


I’ll never see, the black inviting eyes, of the female sushi chef, as she shapes the tuna,

                        gives ME, Extra wasabi J


I land, see the familiar red and orange lights lining the M60.

 My Nan’s white wiry hair and soft tissue wrinkles, welcome me

Mum’s cheeks, a flurry of red, reaching for a hug

Dad’s manky moan’s: Where’ve you bin, the pots need doin

                        And you sister

Relief, rimming your smile.





















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dorinda macdowell

Thu 18th Oct 2012 16:12

Belinda, just read 'From Kurashiki to Manchester' - cannot think how I managed to miss this lovely piece of work: I felt I was right there with you: keep up the good work, love!

Dorinda x

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Emma McCourty

Wed 14th Apr 2010 19:01

I love this! so nostalgic and beautiful! such fine detail and strong imagery: the sights and smells are so clear. It transports the reader through your experience as you saw it and felt it. LOVELY! xxx

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Jeff Dawson

Sun 14th Feb 2010 12:27

Hi Belinda, must have been a sad departure, well described here, but no doubt good to be back! Did you still want an open mic slot at Buskin 4 Beer on 27 Feb (3 mins) let me know cheers Jeff x

<Deleted User> (7164)

Fri 1st Jan 2010 02:19

Have a very safe journey back Belinda.
I'm really sorry to have missed your visit home.

Here's wishing you a very happy new year.

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Belinda Johnston

Thu 31st Dec 2009 20:09

I wrote this poem over the Christmas period, whilst eating sprouts and turkey!! Eating all of that food made me think of Japan, it's food, culture and peace and coming home after such a long time away. All comments would be very welcome.

Love Belinda x

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