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The Climb

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Silence surrounds us.

Wind whipping hair, sun shining down.

The trees a rustle in the autumn chill.

Yet still we climb, climb this hill.

Our laughter evades the pores of the earth.

Sinking deep into its burning heart.

A lark it darts, flying free and high

away from the shackles of fate.


Tell me, why cant we?


Horse harsh breath flies as the bag we carry fills with stones,

Picking our delicate way through the pinecones

The coniferous trees watch silently their breath now short.

As we climb the hill aglow looking like golden angels upon high.

Awaiting the call of god. We believe this lie.

As we near the top the blood pulses through our veins, stomach and brains.

And yet we yearn willingly to be a part of it much to our distain.


The end is near now. Our hands entwined in love and hate.

One brown one white, a beggars delight for his eyes to perceive

such a wholesome need

Two individuals share.

At the top we rest, and yes catch our breath till one again it slows.

The hill we climbed readily so is much of anything but low.

The river is a riddle a needle and a thread,

the cars my nephews play toys before he goes to bed.

Greens and browns posses this land

They fight for the upper hand.

We watch with ridiculing envy our sides no longer picked.

The sun surrenders to the moon and at once takes its place

Upon high it sits victorious no fear shows on its face

The is man triumphant and glorious in its glow

As we sit and we watch him from down below.


Its colder now and almost dark.

Nothings a flying not even the lark.

We pack our stones together, and take one final view.

Standing now at the cliff side the colours form a blue.

Had we been aware of what’s coming next this view would not occur

For from behind us came a hand that pushed her off natures wall.

Screams erupted as four hands grabbed.

Two brown, two white, unable to see in the night.

The earths heart boiled and fizzed with the sound

As yes she did so hit the ground.

My heart it boiled in time as well as I tried to turn to face this hell.

Im just not quick, or not thick

enough to foil this and with a click

of your fingers im falling falling falling to.

You could have saved us

You could have stopped, the writing on the wall.

You could have turned us back around and stopped our fatal fall.

You could have made our lives live long

You could have sorted out this wrong.

For you knew what was to happen on this day.

That down below the cliffs we’d lay.



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