High priced clothes, foreign cars, money, hoes,

living the good life, trips around the world living right

but you missing something in your life.

Even though you have the money you looking around like “where my friends go?”

You chased them away because you thought you was something

flexing on "em" making big money


In a blink of an eye God took it all back

now you stuck and off track.

You start getting in touch with your old friends,

you’re shocked because they not responding the way you want them to

now you’re in a trance

wondering why they treating you this way you can't believe it.

But when you was up you mistreated

friends and family the ones who was there for you,

you wanted to be surrounded by people who only wanted to use you and what you could do for them


God sent you a wake-up call took it all away

made you struggle to survive coming days

he gave you something that was great,

life in itself is not a mistake

you learned new things that you never know

how to do things without the money, you know the cash flow

how to make something out of nothing and now you know

that whenever you get back to the top again

don't make the same mistake because God will take it back again



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Ebonie Camp

Thu 23rd Aug 2018 03:35

Thank you Sal

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Ebonie Camp

Thu 23rd Aug 2018 03:34

Thank you Hannah Collins,this poem was close to home for me I love to express myself through words

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Hannah Collins

Sat 21st Jul 2018 20:54

Fantastic poem Ebonie, really enjoyed this.
This could apply to many people we hear about.
This person was lucky, he got the wake up call.


Big Sal

Fri 6th Jul 2018 22:23

I have a lot of family members that think moving away and being financially successful equates into being a part of someone's life and makes up for all the times they are never there to help during the hard times. Really enjoyed this piece, as it spoke where so many others don't. Great job on it.?

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