He Is

He Is, My King
I am, His Queen
We are, A Team         

In him I grew, in me he knew we could build a family. Strong, bold, and brazen he came in like a wrecking ball. Tearing down the walls of hopeless justice. We were created in the heart of God to love each other and serve a world full of hate. We are guided by our story and sheltered by the love of God.

A man I have yet to meet, but he holds the key to my destiny. God created me for you and you for me. Our lives lived different indeed. Our futures united, growing like a seed. Buried to be broken, yet pushing through and sprouting up. Standing strong, like a tree planted by the river. Feeding on the living waters He covers me, while I cover him.

Given my pain it’s a miracle he stayed. I’m sure I did everything I could to push him away. Pride and pain build walls cemented in fear. I heard him calling. I saw him reaching for me, but I kept walking away.

He saw the future, the bigger picture, and joy to come. He kept calling me and reaching for me . Finally, he surrounded me, towering over me with love. Gentle and kind, he cared for the me you don't see.  He knew the fear in my eyes and turned it into rays of sunshine. He called me out and I call him Troy because you have to call those things that are not as though they are.

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