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Angie Lewis

Updated: Tue, 19 Jun 2018 06:31 pm


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Old enough to know better, young enough to keep trying when I get it all wrong. Working and relating, striving and trying to thrive out in this big old world. I love to write. Some times it comes so fast I can't get it on paper. Lost in thought and then I lost that thought. I'm ready to win at life and leave a wholly hell sized mark on this world. Single and set free but ready to be attached and hatched into a family


Excerpt from Doing too Much What if Satan comes and offers me an apple? Will you be there to stop him? I can’t do it without you and I’m too afraid to try. Lord grant me this wish and promise my prayers you won’t deny. See that I am calling, help me Lord I am falling… in love with dream and want to be a part of your team. God grant me the vision to see, the wisdom to be, and the courage to flee, the darkness. Trust my heart and save my soul; read my mind, blessed by fire I’ve been refined. My future you hold, my secrets untold, breaking through barriers with truth so bold. Calling me out and casting away my fear, changing the memories I hold so dear. Crossing my heart and asking you why; soaring and sailing I begin to fly. Cashing in my victory for a blessing I can touch, hoping and praying I’m not asking for too much.

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