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It’s 4 a.m. and there’s only one user on line.

Can’t sleep.

Put the computer on.

Log in.

Only me.

Look at the latest bloggs

maybe make a comment

check out the discussion page.

There’s nothing new.

No emails so no comments on my poems.

Bit bored now - dare I post another one?

Just for something to do?

The little box at the top of the page


Now there’s two of us.

2 users on line.

Who are you?

Can’t you sleep either?

2 users on line at the same time.

4.30 in the morning.

I wonder who you are.

We’re connected and yet we’re not.

If only I could say

I’ll read yours if

you’ll read mine.

Oh - they’ve logged out.

Only 1 user on line.



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John Coopey

Wed 16th Dec 2009 21:07

I wouldn't want to bump into someone I knew on the sites I use at 4 o'clock in the morning!

<Deleted User> (7164)

Tue 15th Dec 2009 20:54

Hi Ann,
i've spent many hours on here in my time on wol. Chatted to lots of others in the early hours too. Great poem!

ps. if you want to blog another one, go for it!


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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Mon 14th Dec 2009 20:19

Absolutely fabulous! I'm not a night owl - yet. This is so DYNAMIC. Love it.
You can check, you know, to see who the other person is.

<Deleted User> (7073)

Mon 14th Dec 2009 16:38

What Issy says is true Annipoo... foxglove ;-)) there is many a red eye scanning here not logged in ;-)) Keep your heart on your sleeve though ;-))
Love TC X

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Graham Sherwood

Mon 14th Dec 2009 13:56

Although insomnia is a devil if you've got to get up to work in the morning, I find many of my best ideas arrive in the quiet hours.

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Mon 14th Dec 2009 13:01

I think very many of us could identify with this one Anne. Haven't got round to getting any sleeping tablets yet - mainly cos I haven't got time to go to the GPs - I tend to wait until I have a few ailments and then blitz him with a package. Don't be fooled by that users on line box though. For every one user on line, there are probably another 20 not logged in.

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Dave Bradley

Mon 14th Dec 2009 09:35

Hi Ann - I'd endorse Greg and Christine's comments. Insomnia is a bugger, and this electronic universe we inhabit is a strange one - well done for being so open about it. The GP's given me some Zopiclone which works and has no side effects but I try to take it as little as possible. Take care

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Greg Freeman

Mon 14th Dec 2009 09:28

Don't feel guilty about your internet addiction, Ann - in case you do - we've all got it to a greater or lesser extent. And if you weren't online so much we wouldn't have such a sprinkling of wonderful poems from you. This one encapsulates something we all recognise. Keep them coming! Greg

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Chris Dawson

Mon 14th Dec 2009 05:35

Myabe only one use on line - but not the only insomniac on WOL .... hope you get some sleep.

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