The Egg and The Stone (A poem for Easter Day)

New Year passes without a sound
Last firework fallen to the ground
Memories of a season been and gone
As folk continue and life goes on

Shops have stripped the shelves so bare
of festive gifts we all have shared 
It’s time to stock the store with eggs
and cram them in on every ledge

But what does Easter mean to me?
I can’t compute I just can’t see!
They say a man He bled and died
upon a cross, Christ crucified
That’s what they say 

They said His followers were sad
It’s not as if this man was bad
But He turned water into wine
He healed the sick and helped the blind

He gave His everything and more
and yet they nailed Him to a cross
But when they saw the garden grave
The huge round stone was rolled away 

He set us free, free, free!
He conquered the grave that day
The stone was rolled away
Yes free, free, free
You and me today 
On this Easter Day

We can be free, free free
You and me today
If we trust Him in every way
We can be free, free free
You and me today
On this Easter Day!

Fred Varden©️2018

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