My Illusion's

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{My Illusion's} 


I am having back to

back illusion's of you 


And I'm wishing and

seeing you in the faring

clearing distance of the

hot burning desert

sands of our life

packed into an hour

glass bottle


And as the sands of

time starts to run out

for us I look a little

bit closer and I see

you slowly disappearing

once again from my sights


And as I reach my hand

out to you but it's a

little to far and little

bit to late because

you have left my grasp 



And will you ever

return to my illusion's

of you and me together



Because this is killing



And I'm so sick of

seeing these broken

illusion's of us

together in the faring

distance illusion's of

what was once us 
And how I want the

real us in the real

world not just another

illusion of what our

life together once was 


And what it used to




And I'll be waiting on

you to come back to

me to heal all these

broken illusion's of us

that I continue to see 






©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved/ One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer November 20,2016 but posting here on April 14,2018 

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