'The Robin' by Charlotte Bergman is Write Out Loud's new Poem of the Week

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This week’s Poem of the Week is  'The Robin' by Charlotte Bergman. On her profile she says:

“I am a 19 years-old acting student from England. I'm also a singer, Lover of all things Harry Potter, Helena Bonham Carter and of course, poetry. I absolutely adore writing poetry, it is my escape from the real world and a way to vent my emotions, good and bad. I've decided to write on this blog so that maybe one day they can help someone as they have helped me”. Here are her answers to our Q&A.


How long have you been writing and what initially got you into writing poetry?

I’ve only been writing my own poems for 2 years, I picked it up after I left school and realised how much I missed writing. I didn’t realise I had such a passion for it until I couldn’t stop writing it daily and now it’s something I absolutely adore!


Have you ever performed your poetry at open-mic nights? Would you like to?

I’ve never been to or spoken at an open mic night to read my poems but I’ve always wanted to, however unfortunately the closest place for me to go is Leeds and that’s over an hour’s drive away. 


Who is your favourite poet or poem?

My absolute favourite poet is Rupi Kaur, I think I fell in love with poetry when I read her book Milk and Honey. I thought the way she wrote was absolutely beautiful and I respected the fact her poems told the truth. 


 Who or what is your biggest influence when writing?

 When I write, I only really write about things that have affected me, whether that be negatively or positively. I write a lot about people that have hurt me and times of the year that bring back memories. Whenever I’m feeling happy or sentimental, worried or hurt, I pick up a pen and write. 


The Robin

by Charlotte Bergman

You have to tell the truth in poetry

every heart wrenching soul draining truth,

every damned moment you close your eyes

and lift your head to the sky

in a desperate attempt to become the air

and let it swallow you until you’re no longer

the person you were before you closed your eyes


 We’ve all done it haven’t we?

We’ve all laid in the bath and stared at our feet

holding our glass of wine and intertwining each toe,

lost in the heat wrapped around your skin

like a bubble taking you away from the tragedy we call life

that awaits us beyond the bathroom door.


And you look at the glass you’re holding, half full of a liquid

that has turned into a desperate attempt

to drown your demons and your devils

and your never-ending list of never ending problems

that no one could ever possibly understand.


Except half way down the glass,

while you were trying to drown them,

you realise that your demons have learned to swim.

So you put the glass down and you stare

and you submerge yourself in the warmth

and close your eyes and think for just one second

about what would happen to you if you took a breath now.


But you get back up, and you cry.

And you scream.

And then you’re numb


We’ve all done it.

Gone on the longest walk to the most beautiful of places

and longed to be the birds that soar over the world,

free to fly wherever they wish,

free from it all,

and you think about all the places you would fly

if you were a bird.


I think I’m a robin

and I fly and play and swoop over the sad places,

my destination is the saddest I can find

to try and shed some light with my red breast.

Then I end up in my own back garden,

staring from the branch through the window, at myself.

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Frances Macaulay Forde

Fri 11th May 2018 14:17

Huge congratulations on 'Poem of the Week'.
(Again, I missed this announcement!)
Very well deserved!

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Frances Macaulay Forde

Mon 16th Apr 2018 17:22

Congratulations, Charlotte!
I missed this the first time around and so glad, like Colin, I got a chance to find it. He expressed my reactions better than I could, myself.
Thank you for sharing your work and again, well done.

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Sun 15th Apr 2018 11:20

Hi Charlotte
Wow...stunning poem...love it

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Martin Elder

Wed 11th Apr 2018 22:34

There is a lovely honesty and innocence about this poem. Beautifully written. It speaks of the bath and bathroom as a warm and comfortable sanctuary.
Nice one Charlotte

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Colette Hutley

Tue 10th Apr 2018 22:05

super poem. resonates with many I'm sure

<Deleted User> (13762)

Tue 10th Apr 2018 08:48

Well done Charlotte. I missed this first time so I am glad to get a second chance to read. Each verse feels like you are taking a deep breath before submerging underwater, in the bath maybe, before coming back up for air having done your thinking. The final verse is like a release but a release that ultimately brings you full circle to yourself - cyclical like the seasons even. The conversation with oneself style is very effective and for me works well. There is also an out of body element that fits well with the whole folklore element of the robin.
All the best, Colin.

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Charlotte Bergman

Mon 9th Apr 2018 22:07

Thank you !! Xx

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Brian Maryon

Mon 9th Apr 2018 10:11

Congratulations Charlotte!

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Graham Sherwood

Mon 9th Apr 2018 09:48

I have to admit that I liked this as soon as it was published but it was in a very unhelpful layout that Charlotte happily agreed to change.

I think the first verse is wonderful, "we've all been there".

She asks the question more than once, "we've all been there haven't we?"

A wonderfully introspective piece. Well done Charlotte!

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