On the other side of you is me.

Then on my left and on your right is her.

Tight with strings that pull us closer, 

deadly three. 

If you touch her, I die.

If I touch her, you die. 

Unable to admit ourselves, 

situation makes us lie. 

Telling everyone: 'I am fine.' 

only to keep my friends with me. 

So I am just smiling...

and drinking poisoned wine.

It contains sadness, 

jealousy, rage...Oh! And disadvantage! 

The biggest madness, 

trapped in our cage. 

Sometimes I dream I hold the knife...

not sharp enough to cut those strings. 

Metal strings always stay. 

For life. 

But it is sharp enough for something else. 

I am losing my mind. 

Have no other plans in a row. 

One of us is good to go. 

Love is a special game for two, 

my desicion was made.

Someone always lose. 

I close my eyes and stab in a flesh. 





Love is only for two.

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