It had to happen sooner or later

Expelled by a WOL moderator!

Political poetry is suddenly taboo,

Yet I recall stuff from you-know-who

And tut-tut-tut and what's her name 

And others who abuse and blame

Those they see worth their invective

Left to their right to be selective.

WOL "not a platform for political views"?

Well, upon my soul - that's NEWS!







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M.C. Newberry

Mon 9th Apr 2018 14:25

Sadly, we have become so intimidated by the "Racism" industry that comment about anything which might be
"connected" is hastily consigned to the "awkward" bin
these days. The courage that saw the violence and corruption of other days dealt with is not yet apparent
as the country now faces "a murder rate higher than New York".

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 9th Apr 2018 13:44

Thanks JC - I take the view that...
Censorship is to take a trip
Of prejudice of one's choosing;
Like a druggie saying drugs are hip,
But piously beratng boozing!

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John Coopey

Sun 8th Apr 2018 22:02

I never saw it, MC, but I am never in favour of censoring something because it is controversial or offensive or unpopular.
My view is always "If you don't like it, challenge it".

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Hazel ettridge

Sun 8th Apr 2018 16:35

I guess it's a case of the actions of a few distorting our perception of the many.

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 8th Apr 2018 15:49

Hello Hazel - history can inform if we allow it to and the
relevance of violent/organised crime to immigration is
there to be found. The years before and after WW2 were
especially notable - with the likes of the Sabini Gang, the
Messina brothers, Jack Spot (Jacob Comacho), the Cortesi
brothers, Peter Rachman et al - along with knowledge of
incomers "from France, Italy, Switzerland and Poland" being recorded. One of the above once boasted "We are
more powerful than the British government. We do as we like in England". It took determined political action and
use of concentrated police resources (and no-nonsense tactics) to deal with it then. Have we got that mentality today? That was the basic (apparently unwelcome)
thrust of my poem.

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Hazel ettridge

Sat 7th Apr 2018 18:14

I hardly dare to leave a comment. But I'm glad you've jumped back on your horse.

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