father figure

You sold the soil you grew up on for cheap

you gave up your roots and origins to please others

you kept on following vain desires and now you weep

go back to your home no one would want you but your mother


I sold my country without bargain

I was never one of you and will never be

I don’t acknowledge the people living here not even one

I sold each one of you and for free


when you see a father raping all of his kids

when you see a father hitting his daughter for wanting to be free

when you see a girl being disfigured in the street for nothing god forbids

when you see people throwing their parents to starve in the streets and plea


when you see children being stolen to beg with

when you see that law is just ink and a big nut   

when you see that respect today is just a myth

when you see a girl who almost got raped called a slut


when you see after all this no one moved no one deplored

and I expect more and more and more of other issues    

when you realize that it all existed before

and that now we can hear about it because of news


would you still be proud of your home land

would you still hold its flag your head held high

I witnessed fertile soil becoming sand

the love I held for you once is now dried




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racha chafik

Sun 8th Apr 2018 22:01

thank you big sal

Big Sal

Sun 8th Apr 2018 21:58

Very powerful piece here.

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