The greatest loss for a kid

My mum,

My mum of eleven years,

Has gone - never to walk the earth again.

The past years - what have I lost?

Not much…only:

A motherly figure to go to when in harm,

Someone to praise me when I’m succeeding,

Someone to hold me tight when I’m in need,

Someone to teach me right from wrong,

Someone to kiss me when I’m sleeping,

Someone to make me laugh,

Someone to tickle me when I’m feeling down.


My dad has tried so hard to be both my parents,

And I thank him with all my heart for it.

I’m not saying it was all in vain,

But even my dad couldn’t do a perfect job.

You only have one mother in your lifetime,

And mines gone!


Everyone who reads these words, know this:

You have no idea how lucky you are,

How much of an advantage you have over me,

How precious a mum really is.

Salvage these moments with her - they could be your last

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