Farewell to Ken Dodd ... but tongue-twister poem lives on

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A funny thing happened on Write Out Loud, on the day that veteran comedian Ken Dodd’s death was announced … a poem that was first blogged on the site back in 2011 received a remarkable 1,554 views.

The clue may be in the title. ‘Ken Dodd’s dad’s dog’s dead’ is a poem about a tongue-twister phrase – and on Monday it undoubtedly got Google algorithms in a twist, too. On Tuesday it was still topping our ratings.

The author of the poem, John Coopey, said:  "I'm sure people would have been searching for The Great Man rather than me. Likewise I'm sure he wouldn't have minded this post of mine from 2011 if it raised a titter.”

It wasn’t just on Monday. Over the years ‘Ken Dodd’s dad’s dog’s dead’ has almost certainly been the most viewed poem on Write Out Loud. We hope that Doddy, creator of such linguistic delights as Professor Chuckabutty, the Diddymen, jam butty mines, and tickling sticks, might have found the whole thing, well … tattifilarious.   



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M.C. Newberry

Wed 14th Mar 2018 16:01

JC - "highjacking" the title is one thing. The achievement is
is using it with such constant chuckle-worthy flights of imagination!

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John Coopey

Tue 13th Mar 2018 19:10

I should point out that the tongue-twister was in the public domain long before I hijacked it into poesy.
As for all the hits, just wait until the rest of my world-wide fans log in.

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M.C. Newberry

Tue 13th Mar 2018 15:51

A great reprise for to mark the occasion of Doddy's own sad departure.
JC -
I think that somewhere in the Hereafter -
If Doddy heard this he'd be curled up with laughter!

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