From Caterpillar to Butterfly

It's cold and confusing.

A bomb needing diffusing.

Strainging and stressful.

Though secretly blessful.

Her heart and soul are at war.

Depression growing like a sore.

A life filled of grief.

No hopes of relief.

Her heart cries out to God,

Her face and body, the facade.

Nobody sees the real me.

Feelings behind the walls you see.

Restrained by her own mind.

Her purpose yet here to find.

Sodapop child seeking relief.

Razors draw on her arm, a horrid belief.

This girl acts so normal.

So proper, polite, and formal.

The pictures hidden so well.

Her thoughts running rampid like hell.

Bloody red is now her new favorite color.

Disappointment in the eyes of her father and mother.

They wonder what they did wrong.

The aura is a sad and beautiful song.

Her parents feel like they failed.

The directions to fix it not entailed.

The emergency ward to get help.

Two times in a week, someone hear this family's yelp!

A stranger decided to give it a chance.

Created a plan without second glance.

The stranger broke through.

Found what made the girl blue.

She began to open up and speak.

Her parent's eyes began to tear up and leak.

An overlooked diagnosis, some new medication,

A promising prognosis from ensured dedication.

A new perception of things for a promising future.

A steady new schedule - the much-needed suture.


cry for helpdepressionSchizophrenia

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Big Sal

Wed 21st Feb 2018 23:32

Had not heard the word 'sodapop' in years, not since high school reading Hinton. Very nostalgic-like read that has a good flow to it.

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