Shopping Addiction

Shopping for thing's you dont need

spending all your money just to feed

your addiction

You just got paid and that same day it's gone

the cooperations fool you they're one big con

Special offers things on sale 

is their away to escape this jail?

They items you buy make you happy for a while

the obession and thrill of buying makes you smile

whether it's tops, bags, or shoes

Or stuff you know you're never gonna use

You see it you feel like you need it 

but its a filthy addiction you really shouldn't feed it

The companys know just what you want 

They post it online in their window's and flaunt

Look in the bank and theirs nothing there

You didn't leave enough to spare

Show off all your new clothes

Look in the mirror and strike a pose

You tell yourself it's not that bad

this merchandise stops you being sad

Why is it we feel we need these thing's

Is it because we want to live like kings?

or is it that slight moment of happiness when we get the item we've wanted for ages

But when it's sold out or not in stock part of us rages


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