Who is the fairest

When I reflect back

Over the years since I was

First introduced to this house

I can say I have seen an awful lot

I have seen small children scream and make faces

Teenagers squeeze their spots

Admire themselves

Sit in a corner and cry relentlessly

Over a love lost

I have seen them pout

And put on make up

Take it off later

sometimes through tear stained mascara

I’ve seen the wrinkles and the creams

The frowns and the scowls

The tantrums

The slammed locked doors

The sagging flabby skin

On faces stomachs, hips, legs and arms

The patting and the petting

The snogging and the gobbing

The shaving and the cravings

The sighing and denying

The moaning and the whining


I’ve seen nudity abounding

All shapes and sizes dance in front of me

I’ve seen the dejected


The circumspect

The circumcised and the undetected

Pass in front of me

 A parade of wanton flesh

All believing that I hear no evil

Speak no evil

And see no evil

Some even ask my advice

But of course

I am eternally silent

On even the most important of matters

And I never move an inch

Except for the time I fell off the wall

Because I had a screw loose

And she was furious with him

For putting me up in the first place so badly

And now I have a chipped edge

And begin to look my age


There has been talk of scrapping me for a newer

And no doubt thinner model

But I am still full of action

Even though occasionally

I get a bit steamed up

I am still more that capable of reflecting back

All that is seen said and heard by me

I am the perfect counsellor

I never breath a word

Sometimes I just think that I am taken for granted

Occasionally I get polished

But when I am

I rather think that most of the time

They don’t like what they see

Llooking back at them

fortunately, they soon forget

until the next time


but if you want to pay a visit

please do drop in

I am situated in a comfortable little room

At the top of the stairs

Third door from the left

No need to knock

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Martin Elder

Thu 25th Jan 2018 16:45

Now there's a thought. I shall think on that one. Hum you really have got me thinking now
much appreciated Frances

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Frances Macaulay Forde

Thu 25th Jan 2018 03:06

A deceptively clever character study - could be the beginnings of a book or comedy series... 😊

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Martin Elder

Wed 24th Jan 2018 22:28

Thanks to Jackie for liking and Thanks to Desmond, Nigel and Colin for commenting

I know what you mean about having your mirror steamed up Desmond, but it does make it a bit tricky when it comes to shaving.

An interesting concept Nigel, one of which could spark a further poem. Over too you my friend

I started to watch that programme Colin, maybe I will continue. trouble is a I seem to do the majority of my viewing late at night on I player when I'm tired.

Thanks again everybody

<Deleted User> (13762)

Mon 22nd Jan 2018 19:55

Interesting programme running on Beeb2 on Thursdays called A House Through Time which uncovers the history of one particular house in Liverpool and all who have lived in it over the years - fascinating stuff, much like your poem Martin. I love history and our place in it. Col.

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Nigel Astell

Mon 22nd Jan 2018 15:26

If you could record everything that has been seen and heard
- - -
a blackmailer for life I think


Sun 21st Jan 2018 16:06

My mirror is alway steamed up, thank goodness.

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